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Our services are the creation of systems for the integral treatment of residues, and especially for the treatment of “purins”
At present our team is working to eliminate the waste from “purins.”

The elimination of determining animal excrement, like the purins, is limited to their spills more or less controlled over the fields, so that they act as fertilizers.

However, in areas with high number of porcine exploitation, the excessive spilling of “purins” provokes a filtration/leak in the phreatic layers, and causing water pollution with nitrates and nitrites surpassing the authorized concentration of nitrates in the water. That is why in most of the fountains is hanging a poster saying “no potable water”.

To minimize this problem, in some cases systems are used to control the spilling of “purins”, so that these are carried out in rotary way in different areas.
With this solution we achieve a minor pollution in the area than when the spills are carried out in repetitive way in a same zone, but, this pollution spreads in a larger surface.

Therefore, the existing solution for the environmental problems requires a technical solution.  Develop a system which allows carrying out a treatment of “purins” in origin, eliminating like this the pollution and the environmental impact produced by the spill, without using any type of additives.

Our team offers to solve all the problems of “purins”, but also, take the maximum performance and the utilization of heating, cold, electric supplies, proteins and fertilizers, and water. Not only reducing costs, but also generating good profits and like this improve ranching production.

Group Merma’s treatment plant DRP not only eliminates the salts, bacteria, antibiotics, vaccines and other substances of the wastes of “purins”, ending with a complete pasteurized substance without pathogen, but also we can take protein for animals, made of fertilizer and water that after treatment can be potable. On the other hand, this generated hot water can be applied to heating installations, of farming plants as well as in domestic supplies, electric energy, etc. This purification system retains the ammonia’s in a filter deposit, to be commercialized afterwards. And we obtain this result without using any type of chemical additives nor microbiological like all the other processes have to use.

The system is anaerobic, with a totally closed deposit. The treatment used is bacteriological without any type of additive. Only using the “purins” on the bacteria making it grow and with the mutation of them, we achieve temperatures up to 94º centigrade. All the system works totally automatic, commanded by the main team who takes care of the follow-ups to achieve the controlled growth and the mutation of the bacteria (there are as many types of purins as farms).

The system adapts to each type of purins in a semi-automatic way, using the heat generated by the digester we make heating for the farm or refrigeration for the summer, retaining the ammoniac in a filter deposit. When the process of the digester is finished, we bring the temperature down up to 40º centigrade through a geothermal exchanger; with this energy we generate electricity.

Once we have the “purins” treated at 40º centigrade, we start the division to remove the dry matter between a 4% to 6% approximately (digestive protein) , and the liquid part passes to a receiver deposit with 3 options: throw it to the sewer , to the farm because it does not have any pathogen left, or take it to the treatment process to make sanitary water, with a more complex purification process.

All this process is achieved with a low cost of energy.  With an engine of little consumption we make work a digester of 100 tons, in 3 or 4 days.

The system is patented and registered with the number: P200801637


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