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Our technique GM & P, Exclusive, patented and unique in the world manages to deal with any type of organic waste that is biodegradable and has bacteria, such as industrial waste, waste from homes, animal droppings, sewage, sludge treatment plants, leachate from garbage, decaying fruits ... .,
Our system is anaerobic and reached the temperature at 100.4 ° C, eliminating most pathogens, based on these assumptions, we generate, heating, cooling, electricity, compound, protein and water recovery. Being a totally closed process without putting any gas or residue to the outside, all this is achieved with low cost and without using any chemical or additive.
Our research has led to excellent results.

We now have fully developed the procedure for slurry, as pre-purification system (PRA) with the process getting GM & P in 4 days, generation, heating, electricity, cancellation of pathogens such as antibiotics, pasteurization and very importantly, which is the homogenization, which succeeded in reducing the cleaning costs of 14 €, 4 € per cubic meter.


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